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Leraressen en Leraren  workshopronde 1
                                                   Vrijdag  Zaterdag  Zondag  9.00-10.30

                              Gillian Reid

                               Train je geest

                               Train your mind

        Gebruikmakend van zowel de statische als de  Using both the static and the dynamic practices of
      dynamische praktijken van Metodo Biospirali Chi  Metodo Biospirali Chi Kung we will first work on
      Kung zullen we eerst werken aan het zuiveren en  purifying and harmonizing our vital energy, “Chi”,
     harmoniseren van onze vitale energie, "Chi", met  with the Six Healing Sounds. We will then work on
       de Six Healing Sounds. Daarna gaan we aan de  training the mind by aligning our intention with the
         slag met het trainen van de geest door onze  practice to guide the Chi. A useful tool that can be
        intentie af te stemmen om Chi te begeleiden.  used to enhance any practice or walk of life.
      Een handig hulpmiddel dat kan worden gebruikt
      om elke oefening of het bewegen te verbeteren.  Gilian Reid met the art of Tai Chi Chuan in Venice in
                                         1992 and became a student of Maestro Franco
                                         Mescola, head of the Tai Chi Research Center. As a
                                         disciple she followed his teachings, contributing to
                                         the birth and development of the Tai Chi Research
                                         Center and the School of Metodo Biospirali® Chi

                                         She currently teaches Tai Chi Chuan, Metodo
                                         Biospirali® Chi Kung and the Universal Tao System,
                                         running weekly courses where she is based in
                                         Venice-Italy as well as workshops throughout
                                         Europe. She also specializes in projects in schools
                                         working with students and teachers in Italy.
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